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MATLAB was unable to launch my System web browser

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Marco on 27 Dec 2012
Commented: Aryan Jha on 7 Apr 2021 at 4:46
when I try to click on a help mathworks link, it doesn't open web browser and returns me the warning message:
Warning: MATLAB was unable to launch your System web browser
'cmd.exe' is not recognized as an internal or external command
the same if I type:
!cmd or system('cmd')
Have I to set something in environment variables ?
Aryan Jha
Aryan Jha on 7 Apr 2021 at 4:46
Can confirm that
setenv('PATH', [getenv('PATH') ';C:\Windows\system32']);
worked on my Windows 10 MATLAB 2021a.

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Sebastian Hölz
Sebastian Hölz on 13 Mar 2013
Edited: Sebastian Hölz on 13 Mar 2013
I had the same problem and just found the cause: too many entries in the PATH environment variable. Win7 (and most likely older versions as well) limit this variable to 2048 characters. If the variable gets larger this will cause problems. Try the following:
>> getenv('path')
If this returns an empty string, your path variable might be to long. To fix this you will have to manually edit the path variable. To this, open the dialog to edit environment variables:
c:\windows\system32\systempropertiesadvanced.exe -> "Environment Variables"
Search for the "PATH" variable in the lower list (System variables), open it and make sure it has less than 2048 character.
This can be done by copying the value to an editor and
  • removing redundant directories in the string,
  • shorten directory path(s) by abbreviating them with variables.
After editing, copy the new path-variable to the "Edit System Variable" box. Then, after restarting Matlab, your problems are (hopefully) gone.



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