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Cannot boot RTTarget-32 from Virtual 8086 mode

Asked by hong feng on 5 Jan 2013
Hi, when took an example about xPC Target Stand Alone in matlab help 2012b, i took the steps in the help, and the only different was tha i had not edit the autoexec.bat located in the C:\ with dos commands, i edit it in xp with txt in xp syttem insteard, and when i finished transfering file from the host computer to the target computer and editing the autoexec.bat. i reboot my target computer in dos system, but the system returned some information as below: "RTTarget-32 DOS Boot Utility 5.23(c) 1996,2011 On Time Informatik GmbH Cannot boot RTTarget-32 from Virtual 8086 mode"
and the target computer had not run the model i transfered to it, could anybody give me some favour about these prombles, or is there anybody who met the same problems.


and my dos system version is MS-DOS 7.10
I refered to a document named "What Is xPCBox" for matlab2006b, and it says that problem is because the target do not support config.sys, and I edit the config.sys as segestion, but I met a new problem, the dos system returned information as: "Address 101000h not available", I really have no ideas what is the wrong, and is there something wrong with my DOS system?
I have solved the problem above, as my DOS version is 7.10 with many externed funtions, but the matlab does not support config.sys, so i have two choices to solve the problem: reinstall the DOS system as an minimal system or delete the config.sys file in the C:\ directly.

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