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Counting objects in an image

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Dear Researchers, I have a problem of counting objects in an image. Suppose I have the below image (below link)
which i got after segmentation.
how can I count the small circles in the middle of the image. Kindly suggest

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 7 Jan 2013
Edited: Image Analyst on 7 Jan 2013
  1. Binarize the image so that it's logical. binaryImage = grayImage > 128
  2. Call binaryImage = imclearborder(binaryImage) to get rid of the single line around the perimeter.
  3. Invert the image: binaryImage = ~binaryImage, so now black circles are white
  4. Call binaryImage = imclearborder(binaryImage) to get rid of the large (now white) background
  5. Call bwlabel: [labeledImage, numberOfCircles] = bwlabel(binaryImage). This gives you the count.
  6. Call measurements = regionprops(labeledImage) if you want other measurements
See my Image Segmentation Tutorial in my File Exchange if you want an example.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 7 Jan 2013
It's just basic, elementary image segmentation via intensity thresholding. Nothing fancy at all. See updated instructions above.

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Thomas on 7 Jan 2013
Edited: John Kelly on 8 Nov 2017
You could use techniques shown in many MATLAB image processing demos.
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subrajeet on 7 Jan 2013
Thomas U can see in my image the circular objects in the centre have immideate neighbors as white pixels. But again beyond white pixels I have black pixels. So i could not understand how can I have the access over the center circles. I desire if by some means I can assign the outer black pixels as 1 or make them white then I can count the circles. But I am unable to do that.

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SANAHA PATHAN on 25 Jul 2016
i want to count number of silkworm eggs from this figure, i used L=Count(binaryfig) this command for counting number of objects ,this command works but i actually dont know what actually this command count,and result of this command is different every time

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Beenish Ishtiaq
Beenish Ishtiaq on 3 Aug 2021
Need code for counting different shapes separatelly which shows each shape result respectively in different edit boxes in GUI matlab..

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