Configure header and connection address.

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Yash Mehta
Yash Mehta on 19 Aug 2020
Commented: Yash Mehta on 20 Aug 2020
I need help with weatherstation code. I am new to ThingsSpeak. i have set up this code for bme280 to monitor room temprature. I have no idea what configure haeader and connection address is. i have highlited it in the code below please help me .
import time
from w1thermsensor import W1ThermSensor
import board
import busio
import adafruit_bme280
i2c = busio.I2C(board.SCL, board.SDA)
bme = adafruit_bme280.Adafruit_BME280_I2C(i2c)
#import adafruit_ads1x15.ads1015 as ADS
#from adafruit_ads1x15.analog_in import AnalogIn
import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
import urllib
import http.client
key = "*MY KEY"
interval = 5 #How long we want to wait between loops (seconds)
while True:
#Pull Temperature from DS18B20
# temperature = ds18b20.get_temperature()
#Pull temperature from BME280
temperature = bme.temperature
#Pull pressure from BME280 Sensor & convert to kPa
pressure_pa = bme.pressure
pressure = pressure_pa / 10
#Pull humidity from BME280
humidity = bme.humidity
#Print the results
# print( 'Temperature: ' , temperature)
# print( 'Humidity: ' , humidity, '%')
# print( 'Pressure: ' , pressure, 'kPa')
# print( ' ')
params = urllib.parse.urlencode({'field1' : temperature, 'field2' : humidity, 'field3' : pressure})
####Configure header / connection address###
headers = {"Content-typZZe": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded","Accept": "text/plain"}
conn = http.client.HTTPConnection("")
#Try to connect to ThingSpeak and send Data
conn.request("POST", "/update", params, headers)
response = conn.getresponse()
print( response.status, response.reason)
data =
#Catch the exception if the connection fails
print( "connection failed")

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Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 20 Aug 2020
The headers and connection address seem correct. I might take the ZZ out of "content-type".
You can see more information at the Write Data doc page.
Are you getting a success code for the response?
Yash Mehta
Yash Mehta on 20 Aug 2020
Alrigtht will try that. Thanks for your response. Appreciate it.

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