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use java classes in matlab

Asked by Michael
on 20 Apr 2011
It should be pretty straightforward to get java classes working in matlab but I can't seem to do it...
I want to use functions from HttpClient ( ) in my matlab program. I have put the 6 .jar files in the static (also tried dynamic) java path and restarted matlab but I can't call the functions.
I don't have experience with programming in java so it could be that I am making a mistake with my syntax.
Could somebody explain what I have to type in matlab exactly to call the functions?
Thank you very much!

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Could you share with us the code that you have tried?

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2 Answers

Answer by Richard Alcock on 27 Apr 2011
 Accepted Answer

Try the following:
% Generate the list of jar files
jarDirectory = 'C:\Temp\httpcomponents-client-4.1.1\lib';
dirResult = dir([jarDirectory, filesep, '*.jar']);
jars = cellfun( @(name)fullfile(jarDirectory, name), ...
{}, 'UniformOutput', false );
% Add jars to the dynamic classpath
javaaddpath( jars );
% Check classpath
% Quick test that we can use classes from the library
httpclient = org.apache.http.impl.client.DefaultHttpClient()
Since the classes are added to the dynamic classpath, it is not persisted between restarts of MATLAB.

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This really did the trick. Thank you very much!

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Answer by Neha
on 21 May 2011

Hey Richard,
I have written a Java program which should be invoked Matlab. I followed ur comments at link: Yet I'm not very clear about it. I have this simple HelloWorld program of Java:
class HelloWorld
public String Hello()
String helloWorld="Hello World!";
return helloWorld;
public static void main(String s[])
String helloWorld="Hello World!";
I wish to invoke use this reutned value of string further in matlab.
Plz help, how to invoke this.


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