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Mayur on 20 Apr 2011
Hey guys i'm building GUI for my MATLAB code. I have built a GUI in which there is a button which calls to my main code and then on execution of that code figures pop up in different windows. I want to open these figures in the main GUI itself. What should i do?
Also is it possible to change the background of my GUI with an image??
Please suggest me e-book for building GUI in MATLAB.. Thank you..

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Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva on 20 Apr 2011
Have a look at the nice examples:
Also the solution for the background image:
I don't know a good ebook but the MATLAB documentation on the GUIs and Matt Fig examples are a good start, there are more examples of GUIs at the File Exchange
Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva on 20 Apr 2011
@Jarrod this was for those times you beat me to it, too many times ahaha :)

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Jarrod Rivituso
Jarrod Rivituso on 20 Apr 2011
There are a lot of GUI examples in the file exchange. Here's one from Mr. Matt Fig himself:
To get a GUI callback to plot on a specific axes, try putting the axes handle in the plot command
>> plot(handles.axes1,x,y);
Also, I'm not sure if you can have a generic background image for a figure. However, you can change the color
>> set(handles.figure1,'Color',[1 0 0]) %set color to red
Hope this helps!


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