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Finding operating points w. R2012b

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Are the functions "findop", "linearize", and 'operspec" still supported in R2012b? They are discussed in the documentation, but when I ask for help on them using the MATLAB command line it says the functions cannot be found. (I do have the Control System Toolbox.) And if these functions are no longer available, how does one find operating points for a non-linear Simulink simulation?
I have used "trim" with limited success, so I need a better technique.
Dave on 21 Jan 2013
Thanks Ryan. I'm just finding the operating points, and the "trim" function is all I can use, I guess.

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Shashank Prasanna
Shashank Prasanna on 20 Jan 2013
I believe the functions you mention are part of a product called Simulink Control Design (different from control systems toolbox).
This is listed under Simulink Product Family:
Arkadiy Turevskiy
Arkadiy Turevskiy on 24 Jan 2013
These functions are indeed part of Simulink Control Design. This is a separate product that requires Control System Toolbox. Even though trimming, linearization, and control design for Simulink models can be done with other methods, this product is really the best way to go.
Check this doc page that compares Simulink Control Design with tools like linmod. In addition to better trimming and linearization capabilites, Simulink Control Design provides several other useful features - such as automatic tuning of PID Controller block, and frequency response estimation, where you can inject a chirp or a sinewave into a model and get a model frequency response, all without doing any heavy lifting. All the capabilities are packaged into a nice GUI that can also automatically generate MATLAB scripts for batch-mode processing.

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