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trying to use anonymous function but it returns too many input arguments

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I separately wrote the following function
function [func] = fwet_1(~)
func = @(gm1,Sc,Scmax) (Sc/Scmax)^gm1;
and when I to run
it returns
Error using fwet_1
Too many input arguments.
any idea?

Accepted Answer

Tunechi on 19 Sep 2020
Edited: Tunechi on 20 Sep 2020
I just got answer form stackoverflow answer by @Mad Physicist
fwet_1 takes up to 1 input. Your syntax is calling fwet_1 with three inputs, not the function handle it returns.
You can call the function handle like this:
x = fwet_1
If your function really does nothing but return a function handle, skip the function entirely, or remove the unnecessary level of nesting. E.g.:
function [val] = fwet_1(gm1,Sc,Scmax)
val = (Sc/Scmax)^gm1;
If you need a function handle, just use @fwet_1. There's no difference between a regular function and an anonymous one when you pass it around.
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 19 Sep 2020
Technically fwet_1 accepts up to 1 input argument and if you pass something into it as an input argument it will ignore that input. If you don't pass anything into it, that's fine too.

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