How to make one contour transparent in contourf?

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Arnault on 28 Jan 2013
Edited: Will Grant on 31 Aug 2021
Hello, I have a contour plot with several layers define as follows:
[c,h]=contourf(X,Y,Z,[value1 value2 value3 value4]);
I would like to make a selected contour transparent, let's say the first contour defined by value1. Any thought on how to proceed? Thanks.

Accepted Answer

José-Luis on 28 Jan 2013
[C,h] = contourf(peaks(20),-4:1:4);
allH = allchild(h);
valueToHide = 1;
patchValues = cell2mat(get(allH,'UserData'));
patchesToHide = patchValues == valueToHide;
Note that you could set the FaceColor to white if that is what you mean by transparent. Otherwise you could set the FaceAlpha to zero for the patch to be transparent.
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Arnault on 28 Jan 2013
I have a related question. The colorbar keeps the original color. Any idea on how I could do the same on the colorbar?

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Leslie on 3 Feb 2015
This solution has stopped working in 2014b. Does anyone know if we still change the tranparency of 2D contour plots? If so how? Thanks
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Boris Belousov
Boris Belousov on 25 Feb 2016
Unfortunately you have to manually define a contour of the area you want to make transparent. See how to make contour plots transparent.

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Will Grant
Will Grant on 31 Aug 2021
Edited: Will Grant on 31 Aug 2021
See my answer here - working for R2020a

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