px4 toolchain installation not verified by Matlab's configuration 2020b

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I am following the steps in https://www.mathworks.com/help/supportpkg/px4/ug/setup-cygwin-toolchain.html but when I get to configure the support package, it tells me that the installation can't be verified because it can't find the toolchain version: "\Intel was unexpected at this time". Has anyone had and solved this problem? I have tried doing the installation in a couple of different ways.
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Ankur Bose
Ankur Bose on 6 Oct 2020
Hello Juan Tapiero Bernal,
Looks like something is wrong with your Cygwin installation. Did you try uninstalling the toolchain and installing it back from this location? If you still see the issue, can you launch the Cygwin console by clicking on the run-console.bat and run the command git describe --tags in the Cygwin console. See the output of the command.
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Juan Tapiero Bernal
Juan Tapiero Bernal on 6 Oct 2020
Hello Ankur,
Thank you for your response. I had installed the right one and had checked the version. I had moved on to other work in the meantime but after I saw your answer I tried to run the validation again and it was successful. I suspect the error was more related with some obscure windows update going on in the background and I think it solved itself after I restarted my computer. Now it is stucked trying to upload the firmware into the PX4 after I pressed OK before the 5 seconds. I'll continue to explore this soon.

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