hello.....how find out angle in degree

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if i have complex number z=4+5i and i want angle(z) it is returning angle value in numerical form......is any method find angle in degree............thanks

Accepted Answer

Shashank Prasanna
Shashank Prasanna on 29 Jan 2013
z = 4+5i;
angle_in_degrees = angle(z)*180/pi

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CHANDRABHAN Singh on 26 May 2020
angle = angle(z)*double(unitConversionFactor(u.radian,u.degree))

Herbert Ramos
Herbert Ramos on 9 Dec 2020
z = 4+5i;
angleInRadians = angle(z)
angleInDegrees = rad2deg(angleInRadians)

N/A on 7 Jun 2022
Hi, Manoj. Hopefully you are doing well. Here is my approach to solving your question.
For z = 4i + 5, the angle is tan^-1(0.8), giving you approximately 39 degrees.


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