Error message: "Could not complete Activation because the License File could not be written to disk"

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Hello, I have been trying to get my matlab program to work on my mac but keep encountering the same problem. That is- it says the license file is not on my computer. Well, i tried to solve this problem manually and active it that way. I downloaded the proper license file from the matlab site and put it on my computer. Now, even when I give it a direct route to the license the same error message comes up. Sir, the operating system I am using is Mac OS X Lion version 10.7.

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross on 29 Jan 2013
Are you running as a user with permissions to write to /Applications/MATLAB?
You will likely need to be an "administrator" for the machine to write there.
If that's not it, I suggest calling Installation Support, it's free of any charge.


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