solving a differential equation

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Lydia H
Lydia H on 31 Jan 2013
Hi guys, I want to solve a second order differential equation which is:
2*y''(t) + 6*y'(t) + 4*y(t) = f'(t) + 2*f(t)
where, f(t) = exp(-t), and t>0.
Do you have any idea how to find the expression for y(t)? I was trying to use the "dsolve" function but couldn't figure out how it works.
Please help me :)

Answers (2)

Arsalan on 1 Feb 2013
I usally use matlab's ode solvers such as ode45, ode113, you need to read a bit about this.
check this page
should be easy to code

bym on 1 Feb 2013
Using dsolve is pretty straightforward, I'll give the 1st and last terms:
dsolve('2*D2y ... = ... +2*exp(-t)')
you'll have to fill in the rest

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