how to detect some difficult circles and count them

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i'm trying to count some colonies of bacterias and this is the result i got till now, i'm having problem at detecting them properly, i tried imfindcircles, but the range i pass detect a lot of false positives, can someone help me?
the code is:
clear variables;
close all;
warning off;
img = imread('colonies21.jpg');
imgcinza = rgb2gray(img);
equalized = adapthisteq(imgcinza);
limiar = graythresh(equalized);
imbin = imbinarize(equalized,limiar);
filled = imfill(~imbin,'holes');
imgjunta = (double(img)./255) .* filled;
imgjuntabin = rgb2gray(imgjunta) > 0.4;

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Selva Karna
Selva Karna on 13 Oct 2020
Option 1:
* Change threshold level
Option 2:
* Use dialtion & Erotion Operration
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Lucas Moreira
Lucas Moreira on 15 Oct 2020
i want to detect all the black points aand count them, not eliminate

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