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Rose on 23 Apr 2011
Hi, I have a system of 4 non linear ODEs. I solved them using ode15s and it worked perfectly. But i used constant coefficients at that time. Now I want to do the same thing when the coefficients are variable. Is there any built-in solver for variable coefficients? If yes, then how do i input the coefficients as functions of time? Any guidance/help will be appreciated. thanks!!!!

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Matt Tearle
Matt Tearle on 23 Apr 2011
All the solvers can handle variable coefficients - they are completely ignorant of the details of the equations. All they require is a function that returns some f(t,y) (with the dimension of f being the same as the dimension of y).
But perhaps you mean that you want to pass the time-dependent coefficients as parameters?
Can you maybe clarify? Give an example?
Matt Tearle
Matt Tearle on 8 May 2011
What do you mean? Error message? Nothing? Unexpected value? Can you do a whos and report the result?

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