Using Occupancy Grid/Map in Simulink

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How can I use occupancy map in Simulink?
I try to implement a path planner for a TurtleBot in Simulink. For the path planner I need to use an occupancy map.
I use Simulink because I have an interface for contacting with both the robot (ROS) and Optitrack cameras in Simulink.
I didn't find a way to define/input an occupancy grid into a Simulink model.
I tried to input it as a matrix, by transforming it back and forth using the command "occupancyMatrix", but then Simulink shows the following error:
"Dimension 1 is fixed on the left-hand side but varies on the right ([40 x 40] ~= [:? x :?])."
The error is shown while using the command:
sensedMapMat = double(occupancyMatrix(sensedMap) | occupancyMatrix(tempMap));
If not writing 'double', another error appears:
"This assignment writes a 'logical' value into a 'double' type. Code generation does not support changing types through assignment. Check preceding assignments or input type specifications for type mismatches."
How can I work with occupancy maps/grids in Simulink?

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Amrtanshu Raj
Amrtanshu Raj on 30 Oct 2020
You can refer to this documentation for implementation pathplanner in Simulink using occupancy map(check the planning block).
Hope this helps.
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Slava Shougaev
Slava Shougaev on 2 Nov 2020
It requires more software installation to run the example, but at least there is a mention of how to use maps in Simulink.
Thank you.

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