Can you use ODE45 in a for loop?

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Martin on 4 Feb 2013
Hi there, I am having to solve a pair of coupled 1st ODEs. I also need to change the integration time like this:
ti = 0
tf = 10
timestep = 0.1
num = (tf-ti)/timestep;
timerange = linspace(ts,tf,num);
for i = 1:length(timespan)
tt = timerange(i); %defining the integration time start.
[t,x]=ode45('func',[tt:0.01:tf],[0,0]); %solving the coupled odes.
So what is happening is that I am changing the start integration in the [T0 TFINAL] vector. Is there a way that I can save all of the t's and the x's as a matrix/for each iteration so that I can plot all of the solutions to the coupled odes?

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Matt Tearle
Matt Tearle on 4 Feb 2013
Edited: Matt Tearle on 4 Feb 2013
Given that ode45 is a variable step solver, you don't know how many t and x values you'll get each time, so the simplest solution would be to save them all in cell arrays:
n = length(timerange);
allx = cell(n,1);
allt = cell(n,1);
for i = 1:n
allx{i} = x;
allt{i} = t;
But if all you're trying to do is plot them all, why not just plot each one as you go? Use a hold on or hold all and then plot(t,x) in the loop.
(Also, [t,x] = ode45(@func,[tt... -- function handles are cooler than strings :) )
Matt Tearle
Matt Tearle on 6 Feb 2013
I'm guessing you're using the code I provided to define the event (using a function handle in odeset). If so, the problem might be that you're using a string to define the ODE rate equations and a function handle to define the event function. Try changing your call to ode45 to
(BTW, not going through 0 isn't a problem -- it just means the event won't ever be triggered, so ode45 will integrate until tf).
Martin on 8 Feb 2013
Yea I thought that it was because of using strings rather than handles...but when I use the @cwfield I get a different error! I have managed to get around this in the end using a bit of brute force, but I'll return to this when I have some time on Monday.
Thanks for all of the help, I am getting some really nice results from the code now.

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