how to change, by using commands, the space between plots when using a subplot?

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I am plotting three boxplots at the same time by using the command subplot. I need to reduce the space between them. how can I do that by using commands? Thanks in advance.

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Jarrod Rivituso
Jarrod Rivituso on 26 Apr 2011
I can think of two ways
1. Manually move the axes position
>> ah = subplot(2,2,1)
>> currentPos = get(ah,'Position');
>> set(ah,'Position',currentPos - [10,10,0,0])
2. Make the axes span multiple subplots of a finer grid. For instance, try this:
>> figure(1); subplot(4,4,[1 2 5 6])
>> figure(1); subplot(4,4,[3 4 7 8])
>> figure(2); subplot(2,2,1)
>> figure(2); subplot(2,2,2)
You will see that figure 1 has tighter spacing
Jarrod Rivituso
Jarrod Rivituso on 26 Apr 2011
Sure. I've been adding the >> to signify stuff you can do from the command prompt, as opposed to stuff you would write in the function (it's a habit I got into a while back). I'll stop doing it though since it helps the copy - paste thing

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