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Can no longer run matlabpool (possibly after today's Java update?)

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Andi on 6 Feb 2013
I get the following error message when I try to run "matlabpool open":
??? Error using ==> matlabpool at 125 The class distcomp.typechecker has no property or method named 'getDefaultValue'.
This morning, I updated Java to 1.6.0_39 (Update 12). Yesterday all was working smoothly.
MATLAB Version (R2011a) Operating System: Mac OS X Version: 10.6.8 Build: 10K549 Java VM Version: Java 1.6.0_39-b04-442-10M4008 with Apple Inc. Java HotSpot™ 64-Bit Server VM mixed mode
Many thanks in advance!
Corina on 1 Apr 2013
The link given by Walter worked for me! Thanks for sharing the link.
It did not required to do anything to Java.

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Will on 8 Feb 2013
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Andi on 8 Feb 2013
Will, apparently Mathworks is working on this. Here's a quote from a parallel post on the same topic:
"This issue was brought to the attention of MathWorks Technical Support earlier this week. This issue is reproducible and being investigated together with Development. In case you contact MathWorks Technical Support, you can refer to this thread and 'SR 1-LF8FNT'."

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Daniel Golden
Daniel Golden on 4 Mar 2013
Here's the official Mathworks bug report and a patch to solve the problem:
Thomas Ibbotson
Thomas Ibbotson on 22 Mar 2013
Hi Nicholas,
Can you paste the error you are getting when using the MCR here? Is it the same matlabpool problem, or a different issue? The patch was only meant to fix the problems in the PCT code. It's possible you've hit a different issue with the MCR and the new JVM versions.

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