find an inclined plane from 3D data and plot it

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Hi MATLAB Users,
I have 3D matrix of 501x501x501. I want to plot the data of the plane at 45 degree passing through point (x=250,y=250,z=501). How can I do this in MATLAB.
I used the slice function to plat the data for the parallel planes, but could not find the way to plot data for an inclined plane.
Not: I dont want to rotate the plane. I need the data for a plane at an angle.

Answers (1)

Vimal Rathod
Vimal Rathod on 4 Dec 2020
You have to create an inclined plane surface matrix using meshgrid and then put those x,y,z values in the slice function as xslice, yslice and zslice to get the slice of the data for your set of points.
Refer to the following link for more details on the slice function:

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