matlabpool not working propertly

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Maytee Cruz
Maytee Cruz on 11 Feb 2013
Answered: Rajani Metri on 18 Apr 2020
I have the following erros while trying to use parfor
>> matlabpool local 2 ??? Undefined function or variable 'distcomp.interactiveclient'.
Error in ==> distcomp.pGetInteractiveObject at 33 conn = distcomp.interactiveclient;
Error in ==> distcomp.getInteractiveObject at 11 c = distcomp.pGetInteractiveObject('create');
Error in ==> matlabpool at 117 client = distcomp.getInteractiveObject();
Also I get this when I hit local in my parallel section:
??? The class distcomp.typechecker has no property or method named 'getDefaultValue'.
Error in ==> distcomp.configsection.configsection at 50 obj.PropValue{i} = distcomp.typechecker.getDefaultValue(obj.Types{i});
Error in ==> distcomp.configuration.pConstructFromClassTypes at 39 obj.findResource = distcomp.configsection('findResource', props, types, isRW);
Error in ==> distcomp.configuration.pInitializeFromName at 21 obj.pConstructFromClassTypes(type);
Error in ==> distcomp.configuration.getJavaReference at 15 conf.pInitializeFromName(name);
My code work fine on other computers. I am using a MacBook

Answers (2)

Shashank Prasanna
Shashank Prasanna on 11 Feb 2013
Do you have two sessions of MATLATB that open matlab pool local? This is pose a problem.
If you do then create two configurations which have different values of the DataLocation, there can be two configurations that can be used independently and concurrently. To change the DataLocation Property, in the MATLAB File menu, go to: Parallel > Manage Configurations In the popup that opens: right-click on the scheduler you are using and select properties. There in the scheduler tab, the DataLocation property can be specified as: “Directory where job data is stored (DataLocation)”. Specify different locations for both MATLAB clients.
Otherwise click parallel > Validate and share the results on where it is failing.

Rajani Metri
Rajani Metri on 18 Apr 2020
You can check the alternative function in new versions of MATLAB i.e.
parpool 'local'
instead of
matlabpool local
parpool close
instead of
matlabpool close
Hope this will help. Thank You


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