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how can generate the code for aes algorithm?

Asked by sreelakshmi c s on 19 Feb 2013
Latest activity Commented on by Walter Roberson
on 13 Aug 2018
image encryption using AES algorithm

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Answer by Walter Roberson
on 19 Feb 2013
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Mathworks does not provide a user-accessible AES algorithm.
For legal reasons, we cannot discuss AES algorithms here.


This might be confusing, because there are simple methods for a strong AES encryption using Matlab. But I confirm Walter's statement. I suggest to use other internet resources to find out more details.
[EDITED] I've removed my comment, because it was near to be a political statement.
The US laws do not allow to publish the code on servers in the United States. This means, that you can find the code on servers in other countries. So ask an internet search engine.
The Java bundled with Matlab contains the functions for AES encryption.

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Answer by Abinaya Loganathan on 26 Jan 2017

can anyone provide me with matlab code for image encryption and decryption using aes algorithm


@Abinaya Loganathan: Did you read the above answer? The US laws forbid to publish code for AES encryption and corresponding solutions are removed from the Mathworks pages.
Technically the code could be published, but the poster would have to notify the appropriate part of the USA government. Also, the code could not be something that could be modified by the user for a longer key, which is a major problem because all forms of encryption can easily be modified for longer keys. Discussion of the code would not be permitted without prior permission from the US government.
There is one encryption in the file exchange and Mathworks has approved it (I brought it to their attention). But we cannot talk about how it works.

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Answer by Tadesse Gebresilasie on 24 Jan 2018

thank you for sharing leach code source If you can help me My thesis project is "Improving data security of centralized leach protocol in wsn with integrating aes algorithm" so, i want a code in matlab R2015a with GUI With regards my Email:

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Search on tag:leach for information about leach source code.

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Answer by win paing on 13 Aug 2018

How to image encryption and decryption with DES algorithm. Please help for code

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For legal reasons, we cannot assist you on this resource. You will need to find a resource which is outside of the "5 Eyes" countries due to international treaties that consider encryption to be a "munition".

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