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feature extraction on specified cordinate on image

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bahar h
bahar h on 19 Feb 2013
Hi I want to extract some features for train data on the specified part of the image I don't know how can i go to that part and run my code for the features?for example the malignant mass is located at 538 681 29 as is indicated in the ground truth data and I want the features at that region. Thank you in advance to guide me.

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Jing on 19 Feb 2013
For extracting features of a part of the image, you can just index into the image or create a new image of that part to do the extraction.

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 19 Feb 2013
If you still need help, post your image somewhere, and tell us where you posted it and let us know what kind of help you need.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 21 Feb 2013
That's a subject that people have been working on for decades so it's certainly not going to be any 5 minute demo that I can whip up for you. Please go to VisionBib for a list of papers on the subject.,%20CAT,%20MRI,%20Ultrasound,%20Heart%20Models,%20Brain%20Models

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