Rayleigh distribution to the scatter plot

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I did plot the scatter plot and want to fit the rayleigh distribution to it. Should I use the fitdist function? If yes , could you please let me know how as it has the x and y values.
Thanks so much
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Fatemeh Shomal Zadeh
Fatemeh Shomal Zadeh on 10 Nov 2020
and when I am coding this way pd = fitdist(x1{i,j}(idx1{i,j}==1),'Rayleigh', 'By',x2{i,j}(idx1{i,j}==1)), I am receiving the error of X must be a numeric column vector. How can I solve it?

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Raunak Gupta
Raunak Gupta on 14 Nov 2020
I assume the scatter plot is close to Rayleigh distribution and the x axis represent a free variable according to which the corresponding y value represent an output following Rayleigh probability distribution function. In that case the task looks like Curve fitting rather than distribution fitting (for which fitdist is used). You can see the difference as explained in this documentation. In this documentation Weibull distribution is explained and Rayleigh is a special case of Weibull distribution as explained here. So, you can change the equations accordingly for fitting the Rayleigh distribution curve to the data.

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