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No template Workflow for Financial & Econometric

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Mirko on 21 Feb 2013
I am new to ML and currently working to establish a workflow for financial analysis. I have the data toolbox, the Financial & Econometric Toolbox and they contain good examples but no workflow template.
There are some things which every investor has to do:
  1. import and save data files (e.g. needs to run databases to store hundreds of stocks and fundamental infos)
  2. Visulize financial data (e.g. as bars with open, high, low close)
  3. Backtest concepts (e.g. under conciderations of highs and lows)
  4. Trade or execute it somewhere
I am currently working since a couple of days to get .txt data files with stock information into a common format and I can not find any template to do so. The supplied functions like fints are a good idea but do not fit to standard cases.
It is the same for visualization and backtesting. There are templates with the name "backtesting" but no process to integrate them in a workflow. The given templates are not flexible; means for example they do not automatically scale but they have fixed numbers and it hard to adapt them in a user workflow.
QUESTION: Is there any workflow template ar "standard" idea how to establish a workflow for finance or does everybody has to experience his own workflow?
Thanks for help.

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