issues with sound file output Simulink

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I am trying to get a wave file out of a system I have created, using the Sound File Output. After I run the simulation, I try to find the created wave file, but it's nowhere to be found. I tried looking up info about the block but I didn't have mush luck. In the block there is something that puzzled me though...
it says: "For this S-function to work, libsndfile.dll must either be in the same directory as the S-function or on the Windows path."
I am guessing that 'this S-Function' refers to the block itself, but what does the rest mean? how can I find out where the S-Function is located or which the Windows path is?
Thank you and regards

Accepted Answer

tony karamp
tony karamp on 21 Feb 2013
Thank you for your time to reply,
but actually I replaced the Sound File Output block to the To Multimedia File and everything is working smoothly!

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Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 21 Feb 2013
Is 'Sound File Output' from a custom library? It doesn't look like something that ships with Simulink. You might need to get the dependency file libsndfile.dl from the vendor of the block and either place it in the current MATLAB working directory, or place it in any other location and add that directory path to the Windows PATH variable.

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