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need help to make program recognize users inputs and associate values of a matrix to that users input

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im writting a program that measures the average water level at a dam for a period of 8 years and i need to ask the user to input a year that he or she would like to examine, the program needs to recognize if the years a valid option and associate it with that years average water levels and then compare the users input with the year before and after, how do i make the program recognize say if the user inputs the year 2000, the program would know its a valid option and then show the average water levels for that year thats in a matrix.
thank you for your time and consideration.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 24 Feb 2013
Ok, I was just trying to figure out which one to answer, but now I won't worry about either question. Leaves me time to answer lots of other questions. Good luck though.

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Shaun VanWeelden
Shaun VanWeelden on 24 Feb 2013
Hey Stephen,
I did not look at your apparent other question, but to validate the year is very straightforward. I would do something like this:
userYear=input('Enter the year you would like to examine');
while userYear<minYear || userYear>maxYear
fprintf('Please enter a year between %.0f and %.0f\n',minYear,maxYear)
userYear=input('Enter the year you would like to examine');
now if you had a lot of years, I would recommend putting them in a 3-D matrix, with each 2-d slice being a year, but since you only have 8, I would recommend just using the switch statement, which would go something like this:
switch userYear
case 1995
do something with 95 matrix
case 1996
do something with 96 matrix
You could alternatively just use the menu function possibly to select the year.

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