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Define variable inputs for function

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Goryn on 26 Feb 2013
could you please help me with the next problem.
I'm trying to merge N financial time series objects by
function newfts = merge(fts1, fts2, ..., ftsx).
How may I define a variable inputs for that? Because, when I have 2 time seriesobjects it becomes:
newfts = merge(fts1, fts2);
When I have 3:
newfts = merge(fts1, fts2, fts3);
How to avoid of examination of all posible options?


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Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek on 26 Feb 2013
you can use a cell array
and use
function newfts = merge(v)

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Goryn on 26 Feb 2013
No, I've tried. It doesn't work. It writes: "Undefined function 'merge' for input arguments of type 'cell'."

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