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John on 26 Feb 2013
I have a question regarding the Spreadsheet Link EX tool.
I have been trying to use the code below in a loop in a VBA macro to pass 3 cells in excel as inputs into a fuzzy logic model in Matlab. I can see in Matlab the output being correctly computed in the workspace but the value is not printed into the cell in excel.
I know for sure that MLGetMatrix line is wrong. It works fine if I used a fixed cell such as MLGetMatrix "decision", sh1.Range("AJ5").Address but not if I use the current line below.
Could anybody tell me what I am doing something wrong with the MLGetMatrix function?
Thank you
Kind Regards
MLShowMatlabErrors "yes" MLEvalString ("cd('T:\1-L1UYWP')") MLPutMatrix "decision_inputs", sh1.Range(sh1.Cells(ii, k + 7), sh1.Cells(ii, k + 9)) MLEvalString ("decision =evalfis(decision_inputs,Model)") MLEvalString ("decision =round(decision)") MLGetMatrix "decision", sh1.Range(sh1.Cells(ii, k + 10)).Address '*** Output is not printed into cell*** MatlabRequest

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