Problem with computing an integral of a function

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Dimitris M
Dimitris M on 27 Feb 2013
Commented: Masoud Aghajani on 4 Aug 2020
I have problem computing the integral of a function:
The function is the following
fun = @(t) sin(2*pi*t*697)*(sin(2*pi*t*941)+sin(2*pi*t*1477))
Is strange cause when I compute eg. fun(2) everything seems to work, then when I am trying to compute the integral (see below I getting an error)
Can someone please inform me on my mistake ?
Isaac on 3 Oct 2013
fun = @(t)sin(2*pi*t*697).*(sin(2*pi*t*941)+sin(2*pi*t*1477)), integral(fun,0,4)

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Accepted Answer

Babak on 27 Feb 2013
change the fun to
fun = @(t) (sin(2*pi*t*697).*(sin(2*pi*t*941)+sin(2*pi*t*1477)))

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