how to create start point for multistart

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xueqi on 3 Mar 2013
Dear fellows,
I need a 8 variable functions need to minimize. DO you know how to self define the start point for multi start? For example,I have my variable [lb1,lb2,lb3,r,s1,b1,s2,b2]. I paticuly want to set up the start point for the first 4 variables. If can I let the start point to be the initial start point plus (up bound -lower bound)/100 for the first 4 variable?
Cheers, Xueqi

Answers (1)

Miroslav Balda
Miroslav Balda on 3 Mar 2013
Your question is not very clear, however, the following solution may help you:
oristart = [lb1,lb2,lb3,r,s1,b1,s2,b2];
newstart = oristart + [(up bound-lower bound)/100*ones(4,1), zeros(4,1)];


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