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Mutex in Data Acquisition Toolbox

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Laszlo Balogh
Laszlo Balogh on 2 May 2011
Answered: Kurt Stewart on 9 Oct 2019
In Data Acquisition Toolbox you can define callback functions. The callback functions are running in the background and make some signal processing. I would like to modify parameters of the signal processing algorithms 'on-the-fly'(from workspace by calling an appropriate function). Studying example suggests to use global variables in the workspace.
My question is what is the safe way to communicate between the workspace and the callback function? I.e. how global variables can be protected?
In other sw environments you have semaphore, mutex, critical section, etc. But in Matlab or in Data Acquisition Toolbox I could not find the official solution to this problem.

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Kurt Stewart
Kurt Stewart on 9 Oct 2019
There are some third party scripts out there to do data access control....
That might be useful.... have not tried it myself yet. I would recommend testing it out first

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