Evaluate a triple integral using composite trapezoidal rule

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How would I evaluate a triple integral using the composite trapezoidal rule with n=2?
My class did one like this with a double integral with dx dy, and the teacher evaluated the function at 3 points for the outside (dy) and came up with the equations with one variable (x). He then used the trap function (given to us) to evaluate each new function across the y-limits and plugged each answer into the composite trapezoidal formula. Would we do the same the the triple integral, just adding one more evaluation?

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Mohammed Sadeq Al-Rawi
Mohammed Sadeq Al-Rawi on 7 Mar 2013
Do you mean, mathematically, or you need a program to do this?
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Heather on 7 Mar 2013
Thanks for asking me to clarify. I was busy with some other homework and didn't think about how clear the question was.

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