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How to do a probabilistic analysis in Simulink?

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Matthes Müller
Matthes Müller on 26 Nov 2020
Answered: Juhi Singh on 10 Dec 2020
I want to do a probalistic analysis of a Fault Tree, such as in the example above:
There are bottom events (1 & 2) with given failure rates. I want to calculate the failure rate of the top event, taking into account the OR-Gate (because there is simple redundancy).
The result would manually be failurerate_topevent = failurerate_1 * failurerate_2
Is this possible to automate in MATLAB/Simulink and if so, how?

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Juhi Singh
Juhi Singh on 10 Dec 2020
As far as I understand your problem you wish to do a probabilistic analysis of a Fault Tree using MATLAB.
As of now there is no direct method to perform Fault Tree Analysis available in MATLAB. However, you can look at the following implementation of a Fault Tree, to help you with the analysis:




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