conversion of array to vector

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Raman on 9 Mar 2013
Edited: Prakhar Vishnoi on 15 Mar 2018
i want to know how can we convert i list of array to a vector form
plz tell me by writing some piece of code....
how i can convert the above amaean array to vector?

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Miroslav Balda
Miroslav Balda on 9 Mar 2013
The first command is useless. Suppose inpIamage is a matrix, the character of Mean depends of your function mean2. Should function mean2 be equal mean, the variable Mean would be row vector. The column vector you gain by Mean(:).
If the function mean2 yields Mean being a cell array, you should use a conversion of the array to real vector, say Mean{:} of cell2mat function.
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Prakhar Vishnoi
Prakhar Vishnoi on 15 Mar 2018
Edited: Prakhar Vishnoi on 15 Mar 2018
%try the code above to understand

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