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How can I plot a function

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Alen on 14 Mar 2013
Hi Matlab,
I need help to plot a function.
The function is the following:
f(x) = exp(-x/8.76*10^-6)*3.83*10^-4
>> h = ezplot('exp(-x./(8.76.*10.^6)).*3,83.*10.^-4') Error using inlineeval (line 15) Error in inline expression ==> exp(-x./(8.76.*10.^6)).*3,83.*10.^-4 Error: Unexpected MATLAB expression.
Error in inline/feval (line 34) INLINE_OUT_ = inlineeval(INLINE_INPUTS_, INLINE_OBJ_.inputExpr, INLINE_OBJ_.expr);
Error in ezplotfeval (line 52) z = feval(f,x(1));
Error in ezplot>ezplot1 (line 467) [y, f, loopflag] = ezplotfeval(f, x);
Error in ezplot (line 145) [hp, cax] = ezplot1(cax, f{1}, vars, labels, args{:});
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Carlos on 14 Mar 2013
What is the x interval for your plot? From the documentation. By default ezplot(fun) plots the expression fun(x) over the default domain -2π < x < 2π, where fun(x) is an explicit function of only x.

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Answers (2)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 18 Mar 2013
The error is because you used comma in 3,83 instead of decimal point 3.83

Masoud Ghanbari
Masoud Ghanbari on 17 Mar 2013
syms x
h = ezplot(exp(-x./(8.76.*10.^6)).*(3.83).*(10.^-4))

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