Dataset signal logging from Signal Viewer?

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Andy on 15 Mar 2013
I am still running R2011b and getting the following message.
Warning: The Signal Viewer Scope 'MBD_proto/Scope2' is configured to save data to the model signal logging object. Logging from Signal Viewer Scopes is currently not supported when the Signal Logging Save Format is set to 'Dataset'.
Has this been fixed in more recent versions, or does Mathworks plan to?

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Ryan G
Ryan G on 15 Mar 2013
Tried this in 13a and it does not appear to work. You can right-click the signal, go to properties and enable signal logging form there and it should work for dataset.
Ryan G
Ryan G on 15 Mar 2013
One option, and this would be rather significant although better supported, would be to instead of using those floating scopes just log those signals and use the Simulation Data Inspector. It has its pros/cons vs the typical scope depending on what you're doing.

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