What are the supported data types when designing a Simulink application for TI C2000?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 2 Dec 2020
Texas Instruments C2000™ MCUs support 16-bit and 32-bit data types. Simulink® models and Embedded Coder® software support many data types.
Integer Types:
TI2000 MCUs do not support native 8-bit data types. If you select int8 or uint8 in your model, your simulation runs with 8-bit data, but in the generated code this data is represented as 16-bit. This may cause instances where data overflow and wraparound occur in the simulation, but not in the generated code.
Floating-Point Data:
In C2000 devices, in the generated code, the double data type is represented as single precision floating point values (32-bit). This representation results in a difference in data values in the simulation and the generated code.
Fixed-Point Data:
Fixed-point data type is also supported and using C28x IQmath Library blocks, one can perform processor-optimized fixed-point mathematical operations. Details on C28x IQmath Library blocks are available here:
One can enable this Code Replacement Library (CRL) in your model's Configuration Parameters as shown below when using fixed-point math to generate optimized code using IQ math routines:

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