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Programmatically hiding 'linkdata' information bar

Asked by Martin
on 4 May 2011
Latest activity Answered by Connor on 9 Nov 2017
When linkdata is activated for a figure (either by function call or by GUI button), an information bar is shown just below the toolbar.
It is possible to hide the information bar using the GUI, but how do hide it programmatically?


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2 Answers

Answer by Chris
on 31 May 2011
 Accepted Answer

Had the same problem, you can control it using the datamanager.linkplotmanager:
dpm = datamanager.linkplotmanager;
The problem is that the datamanager.linkplotmanager figures don't reference the figure handle, so if the first plot you link data on is figure 5, in the datamanager it is listed as dpm.Figures(1). And it will remain dpm.Figures(1) until you close figure 5. I ended up simply making a for loop to close all the Panels on all my plots with linkdata on.
dpm = datamanager.linkplotmanager;
for xx = 1:1:length(dpm.Figures)

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Ended up using a bit shorter notation:
% remove that annoying "linkdata" panel that pops up, on all figures
dpm = datamanager.linkplotmanager;
cellfun(@(x)x.close, {dpm.Figures.Panel});

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Answer by Connor on 9 Nov 2017

As of 2017b, the above no longer works. For anyone else trying to accomplish this, you must now use the .getInstance() method of the datamanager.LinkplotManager class to return the handle, then close from there:
h = datamanager.LinkplotManager.getInstance()


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