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Is there a way to make a column name in a uitable have superscript text?

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Scott on 22 Mar 2013
headers = {'Depth | (m)','Thickness|(m)',' Velocity | (m/sec)','Unit Weight |... (kN/m^3)',' | PI',' | OCR','','Minimum Vs | (m/sec)','','Maximum Vs |... (m/sec)','Sigma (ln) | Velcity'};
I want the 3 in m^3 to be superscript but i cant find a way to make it work in the uitable coulumn name property.

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Jing on 29 Mar 2013
Try the html format for the names.
headers = {'Depth | (m)','Thickness|(m)',' Velocity | (m/sec)','Unit Weight<br>... (kN) m<sup>3</sup>',' | PI',' | OCR','','Minimum Vs | (m/sec)','','Maximum Vs |... (m/sec)','Sigma (ln) | Velcity'};

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