how to save decision tree view (classification tree viewer) ?

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I create a decision tree for classification. After viewing the tree in matlab, how do I save the view in a png or tiff format ? I couldn't find any help for this anywhere.

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Tom Lane
Tom Lane on 23 Mar 2013
On Windows at least, choose "Save As" from the File menu. You can save a .fig file, but also various graphics file types.

Abdullah on 23 Mar 2013
It is a classification tree viewer. So there is no any "Save As" option on File menu.
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Tom Lane
Tom Lane on 24 Mar 2013
Are you on Windows? I'm looking at the viewer right now. It's a figure, and has a File menu, with items New, Open, Close, Save, Save As, ...

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Abdullah on 24 Mar 2013
Is there anybody can answer my problem?

Sergey on 19 Aug 2013
Try this
TREE = classregtree(...);
h = view(TREE);
PS: all 'set' options for object h applies, so you can define image size, type etc... Hope it helps.

Javier Valdes
Javier Valdes on 31 Jul 2018
In the 'Tips' section of the following link ( there is an option to get the handles of the decision tree viewer and to save it.

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