How to upload a .mat file into Amazon s3

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I have stored my data into .mat file and want to upload it into Amazon s3 cloud using MATLAB. I can upload it using command prompt using "aws s3 cp local_path cloud_path" command but can't using MATLAB. So how to upload the file using MATLAB.

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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 7 Dec 2020
You can use API to write the data:, but that can get complicated for AWS S3.
The easiest solution might be just to use the system() function: You can just run the shell command from MATLAB
system('aws s3 cp local_path cloud_path')
However, note that it does not use the same $PATH variable as your default shell. You will need to use setenv() to add another directory to $PATH variable, or you will need to specify the complete path to aws binary, for example
system('/usr/local/bin/aws s3 cp local_path cloud_path')
There seem to be some options for uploading the file using MATLAB too:
VISHNUDAS V U on 6 Jun 2021
Can you please tell how to obtain local_path and cloud_path .Like what will be its format with a simple example?

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