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geoglobe in Mapping Toolbox

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Robert Mueller
Robert Mueller on 10 Dec 2020
Edited: Kojiro Saito on 15 Dec 2020
I'm getting started with the Mapping Toolbox and found sample code to try but get an error:
uif = uifigure;
g = findall(groot,'Type','globe');
Undefined function or variable 'geoglobe'.
The system does not find the function 'geoglobe' (yes, I do have the Mapping toolbox installed). One tip suggested running this code to see if my system has hardware graphics support:
fig = uifigure;
ax = axes(fig);
info = rendererinfo(ax);
ans =
The result seems to indicate that I do have the hardware required. Suggestions?

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Kojiro Saito
Kojiro Saito on 11 Dec 2020
geoglobe was introduced in R2020a. Could you check your MATLAB version?
Kojiro Saito
Kojiro Saito on 15 Dec 2020
My apologies. "satellite" option of geoplot is available from R2019b.
Another way is using webmap and wmline.
latSeattle = 47.62;
lonSeattle = -122.33;
latAnchorage = 61.20;
lonAnchorage = -149.9;
webmap('World Imagery')
wmline( [latSeattle latAnchorage],[lonSeattle lonAnchorage]);
This works well in R2019a, too.

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Robert Mueller
Robert Mueller on 14 Dec 2020
Thanks, Kojiro... I was able to get the terrain background - excellent feature. However, the 'satellite' Basemap option that you suggest is not available with my MATLAB version. Here's what I get when I run your suggested script verbatim:
Error using
Expected Basemap to match one of these values:
'darkwater', 'grayland', 'bluegreen', 'grayterrain', 'colorterrain', 'landcover', 'none'
The input, 'satellite', did not match any of the valid values.
Again, I have MATLAB version 2019a Update 8.
All of the Basemap options listed in the error message above worked fine. Thanks again for your help. - Rob




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