why is wavwrite clipping my data

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tony karamp
tony karamp on 28 Mar 2013
Hello all,
I have this sinwave and I want to save it as a wav file. I use the wavwrite function but when I run the script I get a warning saying that the data has been clipped during write to file.
Is there a way to scale everything like the function soundsc does?
Thanks a bunch...

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Jan on 28 Mar 2013
Whenever you get a problem with a command in Matlab, it is recommended to read the intructions:
doc wavwrite
There you find, that the range is limited to –1.0 <= y < +1.0 for 8, 16 and 24 bits, while +1.0 is allowed for 32 bit only. Or if you have integer data (ayour see, it would be helpfujl if you explain this detail in your question), there are other ranges also.

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Wayne King
Wayne King on 28 Mar 2013
Edited: Wayne King on 28 Mar 2013
the values in your sine wave likely exceed [-1, 1] or come so close to [-1, 1] that they are 1 for all intents and purposes. The are a number of ways to work around this.
%assuming the sine wave is zero mean
t = 0:0.001:1-0.001;
x = 2*cos(2*pi*100*t);
[val,idx] = max(abs(x));
x = x./(max(abs(x))+0.01);
If it's not zero mean then first subtract the mean
x = 2+cos(2*pi*100*t);
x = x-mean(x);
x = x./(max(abs(x))+0.01);

tony karamp
tony karamp on 1 Apr 2013
Thank you all for your answers!!

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