Stretch quadrilateral ROI to pre-definded rectangle size

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Lets say I have a quadrilateral ROI in my image roughly resembling a rectangle. I want to take this ROI and turn the corresponding pixels into lets say a 100x200 rect from that ROI. I am thinking I will probably need to use interp or imtransform for this, but this is something I have very little experience in so if anyone has a few suggestions (or sample code!), that would be great!

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Jeff E
Jeff E on 1 Apr 2013
When I started out learning about image transformations (a process still going on, BTW), using the manual control point selection tool, CPSELECT, was helpful. Take your raw image as one input, and a binary image with a rectangle of your desired dimensions, and pick some points by hand. Export those points to the workspace for use in CP2TFORM, then apply the results transform using IMTRANSFORM.
After you have that process down, then you can figure out how to programmatically replace the manually selected points (if necessary).
Shaun VanWeelden
Shaun VanWeelden on 2 Apr 2013
And actually I figured it out, I just needed to specify additional arguments to imtransform, the results look GREAT now! Here is what I did:
A=imtransform(origImg,TFORM,'XData',[1 Width],'YData',[1 Height],'XYScale',[1 1]);

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