How to save .mat file in a function?

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tedy on 3 Apr 2013
Hello, i have a function, i wanna save the result to .mat file. i try to execute save example.mat result , but i doesn't work. what should i do? this is my function
function result=plus(images)
[rmax, cmax] = size(images);
for row = 1:rmax;
for col = 1:cmax;
if images(row,col)== 1
save example.mat result
I purposely don't add a semicolon in the "result = a + b", in order to show the row and column which produces number 16
thanks in advance

Answers (2)

Carlos on 3 Apr 2013
Your last line should be
save('example.mat', 'result');
tedy on 3 Apr 2013
i'm not focus on the value of result. it's free to be what you want 16,12,3,5.., and so does the a&b value, it's free to be what you want 1,3,4.. i just wondering, why example.mat only has matrix 1x1, whereas the results has so many number

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 3 Apr 2013
You are writing over all of the variable "result" on every iteration of the loop. Try
result(row, col) = a+b;
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tedy on 4 Apr 2013
Thank you for your reply, but it takes all the row and col. How to display only the calculation of a+b and also the matrix contain only the calculation? for example the results are 16,16,16,16.. so, the matrix also only contain 16,16,16,16.. not all the row and col

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