Fourier series of a sawtooth wave

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Hello all,
I've been trying to display a fourier series of a sawtooth wave (first 10 harmonics) using the code below (its fairly poorly written i know)
V = 1;
T = 1;
w = 2*pi*(1/T);
t = linspace(0 , T, 1000);
fourierwave = ((2*V/pi)*sin(w*t)) + ((2*V/2*pi)*sin(2*w*t)) + ((2*V/3*pi)*sin(3*w*t)) + ((2*V/4*pi)*sin(4*w*t)) + ((2*V/5*pi)*sin(5*w*t)) + ((2*V/6*pi)*sin(6*w*t)) + ((2*V/7*pi)*sin(7*w*t)) + ((2*V/8*pi)*sin(8*w*t)) + ((2*V/9*pi)*sin(9*w*t)) + ((2*V/10*pi)*sin(10*w*t));
plot(t, fourierwave, 'g-');
However its giving me an incorrrect output when run and im not sure why, i've got some code that works correctly which ive compared to the code above and im not sure what's causing the difference in outputs.
Would someone be able to explain whats wrong with the code/equation above?

Accepted Answer

Pat Gipper
Pat Gipper on 18 Dec 2020
You are multiplying by pi on the 2nd through 10th harmonics instead of dividing.
Pat Gipper
Pat Gipper on 18 Dec 2020
Correct. The plot will look much more sawtooth once you make this change.

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