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Can I use Roadrunner to import point cloud file in PCD format and export it to Opendrive high precision map XODR format? If so, how does it work? Looking forward to your reply。

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克勤 李
克勤 李 on 28 Dec 2020
Answered: Daniel Panker on 5 May 2021
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GJJ on 15 Apr 2021
Hello. Would love to know the same as well. This is a process that I desire and I am looking for a method to make it happen.

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Daniel Panker
Daniel Panker on 5 May 2021
You can use the point cloud (.las) and the elevation (.tif) file as a reference. Its like a 3D background image, where you can "lay down" roads with high accurecy. After the modeling, you can export it as Opendrive.

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