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MCR invocation

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Shichang on 9 May 2011
I understand that MCR is invoked by Java if I call my compiled code via .NET and Java. If I call compiled code through c/c++ shared libraries, or COM libraries, or standalone applications, would MCR still be invoked by Java?
I'm getting the error 'Unable to start the JVM' when calling my compiled Matlab code from .NET. And I'm thinking to switch to other interfaces to avoid the error. Would it be possible?
Can anyone else who encountered the JVM error suggest a solution?

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Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 9 May 2011
MATLAB and the MCR use JVM for some functionality. If the code that you'd like to compile does not use JVM functionality (you can verify this by starting MATLAB using "matlab -nojvm" from the system prompt and then running your code), you can compile your code using the mcc "-R -nojvm" option when compiling shared libraries or standalone applications.
With regards to why you see the "Unable to start the JVM" - I would recommend contacting MathWorks Tech Support so they can debug and diagnose the issue.
Shichang on 9 May 2011
I'm still waiting for Tech Support to write back to me. But of course they're much slower than your response.
Thanks a lot for your help anyways!

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