Runing code with matlab on the GPU restarts the PC

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ahmet emir
ahmet emir on 5 Jan 2021
Edited: ahmet emir on 10 Jan 2021
We have Z820 worksation which have 192GB RAM and RTX2080 TI GPU on it. When I wrote below code
X values which is small (X<4000) it works. But big values PC restart itself after run the code . I set up latest nvida cuda drivers .
Would you give me advices??
tempCPU= single(rand(X,X))
tempGPU= gpuArray(tempCPU)
ahmet emir
ahmet emir on 6 Jan 2021
for example larger X values than 4000 pc restart itself

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Accepted Answer

Joss Knight
Joss Knight on 10 Jan 2021
Almost always the only way the GPU can cause your PC to restart is a power supply issue. You should check that your PC's power supply is sufficient to supply the maximum power required by your GPU.
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ahmet emir
ahmet emir on 10 Jan 2021
thanks for yor reply. I will control the PC's power supply

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